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Revelation 6:9-11 The Fifth Seal

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Click on the link below to join me as we study the Fifth Seal of Revelation 6.

During this study of the fifth seal of Revelation 6 the student of prophecy will learn what the Bible says about the spiritual symbol of the alter whose builder is God. We will study who the souls are under the alter, about their character and life which mirrors the life and character of their Saviour. We will learn about their patience in tribulation and sacrifice all for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ. We will find out that God will avenge their martyrdom but is also longsuffering knowing that by the example of their martyrdom others will have courage to give their earthly lives for Him and more souls will be eternally saved. We will learn about a time that a moment in time coming when God’s people, just as their Saviour’s example, will only find rest in submitting to His will even at the risk of death. A special blessing awaits these precious souls!

Revelation 6 verse 9-11.pptx

Also for answers people have asked me about this study see the following comments:

Answers to questions 5th Seal Revelation
Download • 18KB

And finally, for promises from the Word during this time of suffering for God's people, see the following comments:

Promises for time of suffering
Download DOCX • 22KB

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