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Mary Magdalene SCENE 1

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

It is no accident that each scene in the life of Mary Magdalene finds her at the feet of Jesus. Mary story is not just about her. It is also about us. Perhaps you, like me will hear God's voice speak to you as you meditate on her story. Join me now to search the desires of our hearts at the feet of Jesus.

Mary was outwardly beautiful. She knew how to flatter a man. She knew just how to look at a man to entice him. She knew how to ruin a man to dishonor. She carried many secrets. Her work was done under cover of darkness. Her life was dark.

At one time she had been a happy, care free young lady. She grew up in a happy home with her brother Lazarus and sister Martha. But her parents died too soon. Then it was up to her and her siblings to make ends meet. Her uncle Simon, a Pharisee, was a man of wealth. And he suggested a way for her to contribute to her family. It was all done in secret of course. Not even her siblings knew how she made her money. He took her to another town called Magdala where she could do her business and not cast dishonor on the family name. Her siblings thought that she made her money by selling materials dyed with indigo.

Mary, no longer trusted people, especially men . She hated God. Her  heart was hard regarding the men she had ruined. Her whole life was a secret lie. She did not have one friend with whom she could confide in. In her business she was valued, but not for her heart. Slowly, imperceptibly, to protect herself from disappointment, she stopped talking and feeling. There was no mercy for someone like her. Slowly, imperceptibly she died inside. But for the sake of Martha and Lazarus she could not end it all.



ACT: Mary lingers in the background and watches day by day as Jesus talks to the people and heals them.

Seven demons would be the number for complete. Mary was in complete darkness. She knew her case was hopeless. When she did die, Her next stop would be hell.

Since Jesus was a teacher and a master in Israel, she expected He or one of his disciples would soon be one of her secret guests. It was a game to her, to see how fast she could make a man fall with her beauty. Once He had glanced her way. She knew how to hold a man’s gaze to let him begin to know the possibilities.

She did catch the eye of Jesus, But this time instead of bringing forth curiosity or lust, she looked into pure light and found that her boldness turned to a desire to hide. She could not face Eyes that searched her very soul.

Ironically, Uncle Simon was now an ostracized cast out.  He had contracted the dreaded disease called leprosy. She felt no sympathy or pity for him and found secret satisfaction in his fall from society. Her life though still affected by Simon was somewhat less controlled. But those who knew her secret used it to keep her from escaping. They knew she would never bring shame upon Martha and Lazarus if she could help it.

Jesus and His disciples traveled all around Galilee, touching and healing the untouchable.  She was drawn to go see and hear Him. Everyone was talking about Him. Well if He really was a man of God, by God’s law she was already condemned. No, she could not go to Jesus.

Then one day the unthinkable happened. One of her customers told her that Jesus had healed her Uncle Simon of his leprosy. Leprosy was the curse of God! And she knew Simon well. He deserved to be cursed. Jesus had gone too far this time! She would just go tell Jesus what kind of man Uncle Simon was.

ACT: (Mary angrily marches toward Jesus. But when she gets there all she can do is watch as he heals and talks to the people. Mary  joins those sitting at Jesus feet.)

But when she got there, her well planned words would not come. All she could do was watch and listen. His words were different. He called God His Father and said He was Abba to everyone. Oh how Mary needed, wanted an Abba. He said to call upon Him in prayer and He was waiting to answer.  He said his Father was good and ready to forgive and plenteous and mercy to all of them that called upon Him. His  actions made no sense. Here was a man of God showing compassion to sinners, lunatics,  and the cursed.

She thought her heart was dead. Her customers were only too happy to think she had no feelings. They never even called her by her name. But when Jesus healed someone and she saw their joy, something in her heart wished it could be her. She went home that night and closed and locked her door unable to stop thinking about His words. His Words were making her to feel again. And her heart was rising from the dead to meet His.

ACT: Jesus looks straight at Mary who is sitting at his feet. He places his hand upon her and lifting his head toward heaven in prayer casts the demons from her.

One day while she was sitting at Jesus feet, hearing His Words, Jesus looked straight at her and began to bring to light and truth each dark demon of her past. That day He cast seven demons from her. She was now free from her hidden daily routine of hypocrisy, hate, lies, her secret life of wicked mischief in bringing men to dishonor and familial ruin, her pride, her unbelief, her cynicism toward others.

Author: Sharon Oxentenko

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